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Case Study: Government Agency Collaboration

Client: Government Agencies Collaborate for Sustainable Equipment Repurposing

Services used: Meeting Room Technology


Sometimes it can take a trusted third party to understand the needs of two government agencies, and recommend and realise a solution. Connect NZ was in the fortunate position to be working through the video conferencing requirements for two large New Zealand government agencies, and quickly realised that the unwanted video conferencing equipment of one agency was perfect for the needs of another agency.

Modern Workplace Technology is integral to ensure collaboration across teams and offices is efficient, secure and flexible enough to suit the needs of the organisation and their teams that use that tech everyday. Meeting room technology requirements vary considerably – we help our customers ensure their meeting room configuration is fit for purpose and that they’re not paying for unnecessary tech either.


In 2023, Connect NZ happened to be working with two New Zealand government agencies on their video conferencing capability. Our specialists worked closely with both organisations to understand their current conferencing set up, and the needs of the team, both now and into the future.

It became clear that the lead agency had Polycom video conferencing equipment that was no longer fit for purpose, and they instead needed to upgrade to a Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) setup to enable a high-quality video collaboration hub. Microsoft Teams Rooms are simple to use, flexible, and highly interactive. The upgrade required a hardware upgrade, with Logitech equipment the preferred solution.

The other agency had different requirements for their meeting room technology solution, and they found that the Polycom video conferencing solution aligned well with their current needs. It’s uncommon for a government agency to opt for pre-owned technology, but the opportunity to repurpose fully functional hardware was embraced as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to fulfil the requirements of the second agency.

When Connect NZ initiated the recommendation to repurpose hardware between the two agencies, it was readily agreed, as they both benefited from financial savings and the sustainability advantages of reducing electronic waste.

Why Connect NZ?

A unique opportunity to facilitate collaboration and sustainability

Connect NZ, a leading modern workplace technology solutions provider, supported both agencies, played a crucial intermediary role in bringing these two agencies together, by recognising the potential for collaboration, sustainable equipment repurposing and cost reduction.


Connect NZ implements modern workplace technology solutions everyday, but it’s not often we get to facilitate technology repurposing. Once the technology requirements of the agencies were identified, both agencies were driven by a commitment to sustainability in repurposing the existing Polycom equipment. Government agencies, like most businesses these days, are actively seeking more sustainable ways to conduct their business. Both agencies were looking for ways to minimise electronic waste and reduce their environmental footprint. Keeping functional technology in use for as long as possible is a sustainable practice that helps conserve valuable resources and also contributes to the sustainability goals of both agencies.

A cost effective option

There were obvious cost benefits for the second government agency to benefit from ‘gifted’ hardware. They were able to meet their operational requirements without the need for significant financial investment.

A happy outcome for the lead agency was that they also benefited from cost savings as they avoided incurring additional costs associated with the destruction of IT equipment. Instead of spending money on hardware disposal, the lead agency’s video conferencing systems found a new home, fulfilling their operational requirements while avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

Secure Data Wiping and Implementation

The lead agency wanted to ensure the careful transfer of equipment and the protection of their data. Implementation will see Connect NZ perform a thorough data cleanse on the donated Polycom systems to ensure no sensitive, personally identifiable information remains. This process will adhere to industry best practices, protecting the privacy and security of both agencies and make the Polycom systems deployment-ready.

A key concern for the second government agency was ensuring the repurposed Polycom hardware was implemented correctly. Given the lack of original packaging, the agency would need specialists to ensure the correct set up. Connect NZ technology experts will ensure the systems are ready for deployment, seamlessly integrating them into existing infrastructure.


Smart tech solutions that deliver on the bottom line

We’re always looking for smart tech solutions, and if there is a sustainability outcome, even better! We welcome the opportunity to provide comprehensive technology solutions and drive sustainability goals for our clients.

As a trusted partner that supports both government agencies, we were in the unique position to make expert technology recommendations, identify a sustainable, cost effective solution for both parties, and ensure the secure transfer of equipment and data.

The collaboration between both agencies, facilitated by Connect NZ, exemplifies the power of inter-agency partnerships and sustainable practices. Connect NZ will be actively looking for ways we can connect businesses, share resources, repurpose equipment responsibly and consider our role as environmental stewards in the future.

  • Estimated cost savings for lead agency (destruction of unwanted hardware): $10,000
  • Estimated cost savings for second agency (gifting of second hand hardware): $250,000

Connect NZ has the capability and expertise to provide modern workplace technology solutions and support for government agencies and multi-location global organisations who require Meeting Room Solutions – initial assessment, right through to implementation of your new hardware and software. Our Customer Tech Support team can also support you with smooth day-to-day operations and trouble shoot those niggly issues.

We successfully delivered video conferencing solutions for New Zealand government agencies and we can do the same for your business or organisation. Get in touch today.

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