What kinds of devices do Connect NZ repair?

Our experienced technicians can fix anything from your 3 day old laptop to your much loved iPod. We repair a wide range of devices every day, with all levels of damage or faults – from broken screens to overheating laptops to faulty cameras and audio. We offer repair of major brands including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Asus, Dell, LG, Sony and Panasonic. We specialise in repairing smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and TVs.

How long does an assessment take?

We will usually complete your device assessment on the same business day.

What’s the warranty period provided for your repairs?

We offer a comprehensive 6 month warranty on repairs. The warranty covers parts and workmanship associated with the original repair and are always willing to help you get your device working again.

Do you provide loan devices?

We understand how inconvenient it is to be without your device. In special cases we are able to provide a loan device. Please talk to us to find out if we can help you with a short-term replacement device while we are repairing your device.

What do I need to do before dropping my device in for repair?

To make the process as easy as possible, we recommend that you remove your SIM card and back up your data before you drop off your device. If your device is signed into iCloud with Find My turned on, you will need to turn this off.

Do I need to back up my device?

To make the process as worry-free as possible, we strongly recommend backing up your data before you drop it off for assessment or repair. If you need help with this, please get in touch and we can guide you through this or do it for you on request.

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