Device Recycling & Disposal

Disposing of a device isn’t as simple as throwing it in the bin. Luckily, we’re here to take it off your hands. We provide cost-effective recycling for a wide variety of end-of-life electronics – following all guidelines in the process. Convenient and streamlined, our pick-up services are the fast and simple way to dispose of devices that have run their course.

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Sustainability at Connect NZ

We value the New Zealand environment that makes this country unique and believe we are responsible for our environmental footprint. For many years, Connect NZ has been committed to positively contributing to environmental sustainability, health and safety, sound employment practices and human rights. It is our obligation as a Kiwi business and an employer, to provide and maintain an environmentally sustainable platform. We focus on our environmental performance in all parts of our business including within the Repair Centre.

Our sustainability model includes the use of reputable IT Recyclers with accredited AS/NZS5377:2013 ISO as outlined in the Ministry for the Environment’s recommended e-Waste practices: Collection, Transport and Treatment of End-Of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Recyclers are used to dispose of any unusable parts to ensure none ends up in a landfill. We maintain a salvage pool of good parts to recycle, as much as we can without compromising the quality of our repairs. We also have dedicated recycling bins for general office waste such as cardboard, plastics, paper (secure destruction), cans and glass.

What items can we
dispose of safely

  • Desktop PCs

  • Tablets

  • Laptops

  • Power Adapters

  • Smartphones

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Environmental Sustainability

Connect NZ store and re-use salvage parts that are new or like new in performance and reliability to decrease waste produced and the cost involved with ‘out of warranty’ repairs. Connect NZ have a longstanding relationship with ITRECYCLA - ITRECYCLA closely follows Ministry for the Environment’s recommended e-Waste practices as outlined in AS/NZS5377:2013: Collection, Transport and Treatment of End-Of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment. ITRECYCLA is also an active Basel participant holding an appropriate Basel Permit for the export of e-Waste material. The recycler refurbishes some and recycles the rest to ensure your device doesn't end up in a landfill.

"Connect repaired my phone in such a quick timeframe and the customer service was amazing.”

Jake - Christchurch

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