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In an enterprise landscape made up of in-office, hybrid, and remote workers, navigating work can be challenging. Logitech’s enterprise-grade ecosystem of products, software, and services is purpose-built to enable a better employee experience and help unlock productivity and collaboration for your team, regardless of location. As a Logitech Partner, we’ve supported New Zealand businesses of all shapes and sizes to unlock the potential of Logitech's technology.

Leveraging and maximising use of new and existing hardware and software often proves a challenge for businesses. At Connect NZ, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your business to make the most of your technology, from installation through to service management. Logitech's range of hardware solutions are world-class, and we're delighted to be dedicated partners in bringing this technology to New Zealand businesses.

We've Partnered With Logitech To Bring These Great Services And Products To New Zealand Business

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    Team Workspace Solutions

    Drive better collaboration, support equity, and build culture at home, in the office, and in between with intuitive video conferencing tools.

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    Personal Workspace Solutions

    Solve for diverse needs and environments. Support productivity anywhere with customisable keyboards, mice, headsets, and webcams.

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    Software and Services

    Get the tools and support you need for device management, security, and deployment, whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

Download Logitech's 2023 B2B Portfolio Guide

As Logitech Partners, Connect NZ are well equipped to deliver your software and hardware needs - check out the portfolio using the button below and contact us to embed Logitech's technology in your business, alongside existing systems.

Why Choose Logitech Hardware? Sustainable, High Quality Technology Supported By Connect NZ

How can Logitech's technology shape the way you communicate?

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