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Successful Modern Workplace Technology Implementations

Modern Workplace Technology

Published by Keith Block

Modern Workplace Technology

Modern Workplace Technology is increasingly important in today’s hybrid, global working environments. No matter whether your team or clients are working from home, the office, or located in another country, borderless meeting room technology is a necessary part of the professional working day. Ability to scale, reliable connections and quality are key factors in Modern Workplace solutions, but of equal importance is ease of use and flexible technology to suit all types of teams and communication styles.

Our team is proud of the technology solutions we provide to our clients across Aotearoa New Zealand. We had a chat to one of our Senior Project Managers, Pat Atkinson, recently to understand what he thinks leads to a successful Modern Workplace Technology project implementation. Pat was keen to consider Connect NZ’s highly trained inhouse implementation team, compared to engaging with a contractor for your next technology implementation.

We dive into 5 key considerations for your next Modern Workplace Technology implementation.

1. Security Risks

Security of data and systems should be paramount for any technology implementation. If you’re considering using a contractor for your next technology project, are you confident in their security clearance and methods they have in place to protect your company’s sensitive digital information? Considerations to manage your security risk includes:

  • Are contractors subject to the same level of background checks and security clearances as your internal employees?
  • If not, how long will your project be delayed by activating the appropriate security clearances?
  • At Connect NZ, we’re used to providing documentation for the large government and enterprise clients we work with every day to reassure them that our inhouse technology team has appropriate security clearance to be on site and managing your sensitive data.

2. Quality Control Risks

Quality and expertise are critical when it comes to implementing successful modern workplaces. Consider the expertise and technology capability of any contractors you decide to engage in your technology implementation. Consideration for quality control include:

  • Outsourcing audio visual instals can lead to a loss of control over the quality of the installations.
  • Ongoing training and development is important to keep abreast of new technologies – an external contractor may not have the same level of expertise, equipment, or attention to detail as an inhouse team, leading to subpar or ‘vanilla’ installations that can negatively impact your company’s reputation.
  • At Connect NZ, our inhouse design team has continuous professional development, we peer review each other’s work, and regularly introduce new technology solutions so our design solutions are as up to date as possible.

3. Communication Risks

In order for your technology project to go smoothly, open communication is essential. Will a contractor provide regular, timely updates? Update you on out of scope work and budget blowouts? Manage communication risks by:

  • Minimising misunderstanding – a clear scope of work, timeline and key milestones are key to ensuring both parties are clear on the delivery, budget and deadlines.
  • Minimising miscommunication – outline a clear process for flagging any unexpected project variables. This will reduce delays, errors and manage expectations between both parties.
  • Connect NZ has a clear framework we work within to deliver your Modern Workplace Technology project on time, on budget and within scope. And if we can’t, you’ll be the first to know!

4. Cost Overrun Risks

No one wants a budget blowout, and prudent budget management should see you approve a detailed budget before any work commences. Minimise your budget risks by:

  • Ensuring you have a clear scope of work in place, and understand from the outset if you are likely to occur additional or one-off fees
  • Understand potential risks before you begin – cost and supply of parts, system integration, upgrading of supporting technology and so on. Going into a project with your eyes wide open is a prudent approach so you can be prepared for budget queries
  • At Connect NZ, we pride ourselves on having a transparent, fair and honest approach to quotes. As a larger business, we can often absorb price increases and seek economies of scale on parts in order to provide highly competitive pricing to our clients.

5. Availability Risk

We understand that project timelines can move, so it’s helpful that our inhouse team can be flexible around your needs and constraints. Reduce your exposure to implementation delivery by:

  • Ensuring that an external contractor can manage your project even if your timings move.
  • Query whether a change in timing might mean that a subcontractor needs to be used on your project.
  • At Connect NZ, you can be assured that our inhouse team will manage your project, and is large enough to have flexibility around multiple projects and timeframes. We’ll work with you to deliver the best outcome.

Finally, we’re conscious that by using external contractors, you are at the mercy of their availability, project timelines slip and they then become unavailable as smaller contractors move onto their next project. However the most important aspect of using external contractors is their capability, experience and background. We deal with many organisations where our team needs to work alongside their team members, so ensuring that the personnel being used onsite have been police vetted do not pose a risk is paramount. With contractors, you rarely know the past history of them.

Modern Workplace Technology implementations can be complex, and at Connect NZ, we understand there is a period of time where your team are getting used to their new system. Our Customer Success Management service will ensure your team is supported to learn to use the system, and answer any queries as the system is bedded in. We can also provide advice over the coming months and years to ensure your tech is kept up to date and fit for purpose.

How can Modern Workplace Technology help you unlock collaboration?

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