Smartphone Charging Port Damage

We understand the frustration that arises from charging port damage in a smartphone, which can significantly impact your device's ability to charge and overall user experience.

At Connect NZ, we specialise in repairing or replacing charging ports that are damaged or malfunctioning. We cater to a diverse range of smartphone models, including renowned iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other popular smartphone brands. Whether you have an iPhone 12, 13, 14, or 15, or Samsung Galaxy S21, S22, S23 or any other widely used smartphone, our adept technicians possess the expertise to address your charging port-related repair needs.

Smartphone charging port damage

Charging port issues in smartphones can stem from physical damage, wear and tear, or debris accumulation. These factors can lead to difficulties in connecting your charger or charging cable, causing disruptions in charging functionality. Our smartphone charging port repair and replacement services are meticulously designed to restore the proper charging capability of your device and ensure seamless charging operation. We initiate the process by conducting a thorough evaluation of the charging port issue and providing you with a comprehensive assessment of the necessary repairs or replacements.

When you rely on us for your smartphone charging port repair, anticipate a meticulous and comprehensive procedure. Our adept technicians utilise advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to rectify the issues caused by charging port problems. As an authorised repair agent, we strictly adhere to industry standards and manufacturer guidelines, preserving your smartphone's warranty and safeguarding your investment.

Choosing Connect NZ for your smartphone charging port repair provides assurance and confidence in our expertise. We prioritise customer satisfaction by delivering professional service and upholding the integrity of your device. With our authorised repair agent status, rest assured that our technicians possess the knowledge and skills to effectively address charging port issues specific to your smartphone model.

Don't let charging port damage hinder your smartphone's charging capabilities. Count on Connect NZ to deliver prompt, reliable, and authorised smartphone charging port repair and replacement services. Let us restore your smartphone's charging functionality and ensure seamless charging, so you can continue using it without disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to repair charging port issues in a smartphone?

We usually complete the evaluation of your device on the same business day. After the assessment, we will provide you with a cost estimate for the repair, and we will proceed upon your approval. Repairs for charging port issues in smartphones are typically finalised within 1 – 2 business days.

How much does it cost to repair charging port issues in a smartphone?

After the assessment, we will present you with a comprehensive cost estimate for repairing the charging port issues on your smartphone. Repair costs for charging port issues in smartphones start from $115.

What is the process for repairing charging port issues in a smartphone?

The process of repairing charging port issues in a smartphone begins with a diagnostic assessment to identify the problem. Once the issue is determined, our skilled technicians will carefully address the charging port concerns. Thorough testing is conducted to ensure the optimal functionality of the repaired smartphone. At Connect NZ, we utilise high-quality components and adhere to strict industry standards. Additionally, we are an authorised repair agent, ensuring that choosing our services won’t void your warranty.

What is the warranty period for smartphone charging port repair?

We offer a comprehensive six-month warranty on charging port issue repairs, covering both the replaced components and the workmanship associated with the original repair. Our warranty is designed to provide you with support in restoring your smartphone’s charging functionality.

Do I need to back up my smartphone before the charging port is repaired?

For a seamless experience, we strongly recommend backing up your data before submitting your smartphone for assessment or repair of charging port issues. If you require assistance with this process, please feel free to contact us, and we can provide guidance or even assist you upon request.

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