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Six reasons to transition your on-premise phone systems to the cloud

Six reasons to transition your on-premise phone systems to the cloud

Published by Keith Block

Six reasons to transition your on-premise phone systems to the cloud

Six reasons to transition your on-premise phone systems to the cloud

Every year, businesses spend vast amounts of revenue on digital transformation initiatives to boost efficiency and cut costs, but often overlook the impact of transitioning to a cloud-based phone service. 

Unlike traditional on-premise phone systems, cloud-based phone systems such as Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams Phone provide better call quality, lower costs, increased connectivity and usage analytics. If your business is still using traditional telecoms in 2023, here are six reasons why a Cloud Based Phone System could bring additional value to your business and customers. 

Mobility and flexibility
Cloud-based phone systems provide the ability to connect staff wherever they are in the world and from any device. If your business needs a seamless method to connect staff in the office with those working from home, visiting clients or even based in foreign countries, a cloud based phone system is a good solution.

In addition to basic features such as SMS, instant messaging, voice mails and video calls, leading cloud based phone systems have advanced features such as: call routing, call record, call delegation, Voice to text transcription as well as integrating into essential applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow and HubSpot  – providing your team with increased flexibility to communicate and collaborate in the new world of work. 

Cost savings
By eliminating the need for expensive on-premises hardware and maintenance, and having reduced demand for power and cooling systems, cloud-based phone systems can help reduce your operating costs. You can also say goodbye to many metered call charges, services such as Zoom Phone provide an all you can eat calling plan for NZ/AUS including mobile calls.

Integration with existing platforms
Unlike traditional phones, cloud-based systems can connect to other business applications like CRM systems, allowing for streamlined workflows when managing external or internal calls. This could include automatically presenting a customer’s details to their call handler – allowing for a more personalised and efficient experience, or setting an automatic response for calls outside working hours.

Performance and usage analytics
Cloud-based phone systems provide detailed analytics on call activity, volume and quality, which can help businesses make data-driven decisions when identifying areas for improvement. For example, businesses can use analytics to determine which marketing campaigns are generating the most calls, or which employees are performing the best on the phone.

Cloud-based phone systems are highly scalable, which means they can easily accommodate the growing needs of a business without requiring additional hardware or infrastructure. This makes it easy for your businesses to add or remove users, upgrade new features, or expand into new geographic locations – without the need for physical installations. 

Greater Security
Calls made using a cloud based phone system are more secure than those made using a landline, as they support end to end encryption transmitted over the internet rather than being routed through a public telephone network. This means there’s less chance for malicious agents to intercept your communications as well as lower latency times when calling via Wi-Fi networks or mobile data plans.

In addition, cloud based phone systems safeguard your cloud calling experience with additional services such as Caller ID Masking, Calling Block lists and Toll Fraud, which is another layer of security that an on-premise phone does not provide.

Transitioning to a cloud-based phone model provides many advantages for businesses of all sizes. Not only does it increase your ability to connect despite changes in the working environment, but it can help to reduce costs, increase security and provide greater efficiency by integrating with existing platforms like your CRM. 

Cloud-based phone systems are easy to set up and configure, especially when you choose an expert third-party like Connect to assist you. Not only can we provide expert knowledge and guidance, but we typically get cloud based phone systems services set up within a few days of a client reaching out.

To upgrade your businesses telecoms and reap the rewards of a cloud-based phone system, get in touch with us today.

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