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What you need to know to avoid warranty voidance

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Published by Nic Fouhy

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When purchasing electronic devices like smartphones and laptops, warranty coverage plays a crucial role in providing peace of mind. However, at our Connect NZ Repair Centres, we find that many customers are unaware that their warranties can become void if certain conditions are not met. This issue, known as warranty voidance, can leave users unprotected and liable for repair costs. In this blog, we explore common customer scenarios that lead to warranty voidance, discuss strategies to avoid voiding warranties, and shed light on your rights regarding warranty coverage for your digital devices.

Understanding Warranty Voidance

Warranty voidance refers to situations where the manufacturer or seller deems the warranty void due to specific actions or conditions. These conditions are typically outlined in the terms and conditions provided with the product. Warranty voidance can occur when consumers engage in activities that are considered beyond the scope of normal usage or violate the stipulated terms of the warranty.

Common Scenarios Leading to Warranty Voidance

1. Unauthorised Repairs

Attempting to repair or modify the device by unauthorised personnel or an unauthorised third-party Service provider can result in warranty voidance. For more information, see our previous blog on this issue. Manufacturers often require repairs to be carried out by an Authorised Service provider by Authorised technicians to maintain warranty coverage.

2. Damage from Accidental Negligence

Warranty coverage typically excludes damage caused by accidents, mishandling, or negligence. Dropping a device, exposure to liquid, power surge events, or improper handling can lead to warranty voidance if it can be determined that the damage resulted from user careless actions.

3. Software Modification

Altering the software, such as jailbreaking a device, can void the warranty. Manufacturers want to maintain the operating system quality and the overall experience for the end-user, ensuring that unauthorized changes do not compromise the device’s functionality or security.

4. Unauthorised Third Party Components or Accessories

Using unauthorised third party components or accessories that are not approved or recommended by the manufacturer can lead to warranty voidance. This includes using non-original parts, batteries, chargers, or other accessories. This particular theme is a common issue with customers who come to our repair centres. Many users are unaware that using a non-branded charger could void their warranty.

Avoiding Warranty Voidance

To ensure your warranty is not inadvertently voided, make sure you read and understand the Warranty Terms and familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions. Pay close attention to any specific actions or conditions that can void the warranty.

If your device requires repair or servicing, ensure that you utilise Authorised repair centres or technicians approved by the manufacturer. Our Connect NZ Repair Centres are approved and we repair devices according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

For smartphones in particular, always install a protective case and a screen protector as soon as you purchase your device. Make sure to use and purchase the correct type of charger for your device – do not simply go for the cheaper option, which could having a negative effect on the battery life  and performance, take a lot longer to charge and potentially cost you more in the end by damaging the device and voiding the devices warranty.

Consumer Rights and Warranty Coverage

It is important to note that warranty voidance should only occur when specific conditions outlined in the warranty terms are violated. In New Zealand, consumer protection laws exist to safeguard the rights of consumers, even in cases where warranty voidance is claimed. These laws ensure that manufacturers cannot unreasonably restrict warranty coverage or void warranties without valid reasons.

If you believe that your warranty claim has been unfairly voided or if you encounter difficulties with warranty coverage, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with consumer protection policies, or chat to our friendly team who can help guide you through.

Avoiding warranty voidance is a critical consideration when purchasing and using smartphones and laptops. Understanding the conditions that can lead to warranty voidance and taking preventive measures can help protect your investment. By adhering to warranty terms, seeking Authorised Repair Providers, and using Authorised accessories, you can maximise your warranty coverage.


Do you have a device that needs repairing? Connect NZ is an Authorised Service provider, with centres throughout the country, and a nationwide pick-up service – reach out to our friendly team today.

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